Diversity of Cultural Expressions in The Digital Era

Directed and edited by Lilian Richieri Hanania and Anne-Thida Norodom


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The book aims to contribute to understanding the diversity of cultural expressions in the digital age and to shed light on appropriate measures and policies to meet the challenges and opportunities brought by new technologies.

A trilingual multidisciplinary work (available in French, English and Portuguese), it brings together theoretical studies, opinion papers, case studies and testimonies on projects and practical initiatives grounded in various disciplines.

Part I of the book deals with the challenges and opportunities related to digital technologies for the diversity of cultural expressions. Part II deals with the integration of digital technologies in the preparation and adoption of cultural policies. Part III brings together practical initiatives and projects that integrate digital technologies to promote diversity. Additional texts and interviews provide complementary analysis in Parts IV and V.

Suggested citation:

Richieri Hanania, L. and Norodom, A.-T. (2016) Diversity of Cultural Expressions in The Digital Era, Buenos Aires. URL:

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