Index – Contributions by Sector

I – Film

  1. Luis A. Albornoz & Azahara Cañedo – The Audio-visual Technology Hub Programme and TV Diversity in Argentina
  2. Paule Maillet – “My French Film Festival” Project (video in Portuguese)
  3. Vincent Carelli – “Video in Indigenous Villages” Project (video in Portuguese)
  4. Luis Mauch – “More Differences” Project (video in Portuguese)
  5. Patricia Marenghi, Marina Hernández Prieto & Ángel Badillo – Diversity of the Audio-visual Industry in the Digital Age: The Challenges Entailed in its Measurement.

II – Music

  1. Paulo Assis – A Brief Overview of the Evolution of Musical Technology: Promises and Risks for the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.
  2. Nísio Teixeira – The Contribution from the Music Collection of Instituto Moreira Sales Site to Diversity. A Case Study: Brazilian Christmas Carols.
  3. Leandro de Carvalho & Maria de Fátima Rodrigues Makiuchi – The Music PEC: An Analysis of the Lawmakers’ Position: Tax Waiver to the Benefit of Access to Culture or Market Reserve?

III – Book

  1. Justine Martin – The Digital Book and Cultural Diversity: Stakes and Perspectives.
  2. Rémi Gimazane – The Adaptation of Support Policies to the Digital Book Market in France (video in French)

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