Existence and the One

Boško Pešić • Pavao Žitko (editors)


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The collective volume Existence and the One contains a series of academic reflections on contemporary living in an inclusive international dialogue, open to otherness that demands to be accepted and understood under universal recognition of the value of human being and of its surrounding environment. This volume is the successful outcome of a five-year international research in humanistic and philosophical field with important tendencies towards a deep social criticism in metaphysical and theoretical terms. Strongly focused on a profound analysis of the anthropocene man’s consciousness in dialogue with the great metaphysics of the past, this collection has produced an anthropological re-examination of human being that raises questions of existential importance in the interdisciplinary and transcultural context.

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Boško Pešić and Pavao Žitko (2019) Existence and the One, Buenos Aires. URL:

About the editors

Boško Pešić is assistant professor of Theoretical Philosophy at the University of Osijek. President of the Croatian Karl Jaspers Society, the author is focused on the speculative analysis of the ontological order that the Philosophy of Existence maintains with the most important voices of contemporary philosophical speculation (The Portraits of Philosophy: Heidegger, Jaspers, Arendt, 2019) in its metaphysical, aesthetic and epistemological derivations.

Pavao Žitko, PhD, is university assistant in Perugia and international relations delegate of the Croatian Karl Jaspers Society in Zagreb. As a result of the studies conducted at the University of Perugia and as a post-doctoral researcher at the Center for Advanced Studies – South Eastern Europe, he is the author of the monograph Karl Jaspers reads Cusanus (2018) with particular reference to the great ontological figures of the past. Also, he is holder of the associate professor qualification in Theoretical Philosophy.