This study suggests it would be possible for Canadian law to regulate a video-on-demand platform. In fact, distribution and broadcasting technologies have disrupted the cinematographic industry and the Canadian public broadcasting system with profound changes in the broadcast chain and the distribution channel. The video-on-demand platform has taken up a predominant position on the market, without being submitted to the financial contribution to a Canadian creation fund and to the obligation of broadcasting a percentage of Canadian content, while the role of traditional stakeholder, such as cable distributors, is being challenged.

Furthermore, the diversity of cultural expression and promotion of Canadian content is not guaranteed on video-on-demand platforms. This study aims to demonstrate that it is possible to regulate the activities of such platforms by Canadian laws. Considering that the Canadian broadcasting policy is still relevant nowadays to maintain the presence of Canadian culture online, this research suggests reviewing the Canadian public broadcasting system in order to adapt it to the digital environment. Finally, this study suggests creating a new regulation system by introducing regulation for the specific intention of Canadian and foreign video-on-demand platforms. This would submit them to the obligation of financial contribution to a Canadian creation fund and to the promotion and discoverability of the Canadian audiovisual contents in the digital space.

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