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This paper draws from some reflections on the relationship between power and knowledge coloniality and curricular field, connected to Brazil and Argentina secondary schools / highschool, and addresses the analysis of the presence and absence of Afro-Descendants/Africans in curricular documents.

The thesis is structured into core topics such as cultural dialogue and the relationship between knowledge and power, describing as well, the regional background of South America with its decolonizing processes and conservative continuities within a framework of the regional integration processes which challenge to think on the common and the diverse. In turn, different theoretical contributions are recovered to analyze the curricular field and the distinctive features of both educational systems.

This analysis intends to trace the coloniality elements of power and knowledge connected to the presence and the absence of Afro-Descendants and Africans in both secondary schools/ highschools within an international background that fostered the visibilization of Afro-Descendant/African history and culture as well as educational policies prescribing the obligatory nature of level and extension of rights. In turn, further questions arise to propose reflections on the curricular field that may contribute to the development of an epistemology of the South.

Keywords: Racism, Ethnic / Racial Relations, Curriculum, Curricular Coloniality, Interculturality, Diversity, Afro-Descendants, Africa.

Thesis advisor: Mg. Cristina Ruiz.

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